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Mike Beato specializes in website design & development, technology consulting, photo retouching, event photography, SEO and social media strategy. Website


Beato Enterprises has more than 35 years experience in building creative communications solutions for businesses.

Website Design

Clean, attractive, fast-loading, precise website designs.

Fully Responsive Sites

Websites that intelligently adapt to desktop, tablet and smartphone screens.

Website Development

Websites are built with precision using the best development tools available.

Search Engine Optimization

The latest SEO techniques help your site rank high in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your website using smart social media boosts traffic.


Event photography, Photoshop editing & retouching

Analytics & Monitoring

Ongoing website monitoring, analysis and reporting keeps you informed.

Technology Consulting

Objective advice for all your digital communications challenges.

About Mike Beato

Mike Beato is an award-winning communications professional with decades of experience working with corporate, small business and individual clients.

If you need help with website design, development, SEO, social media marketing or other technology-related issues, give him a call. His specialty is creating innovative solutions to tech communication challenges.

Mike’s job title? He has more than one. Mike’s a website designer, developer, photographer, consultant, adviser, educator, mentor, social media expert, information architect, technology analyst, futurist, blogger.

But it’s really simpler than that. He’s a guy who combines creative ideas with technical expertise. It’s a rare and valuable combination of skills that he puts to work for his clients.

If you’ve got a communications challenge that you’d like to discuss with Mike, give him a call at (716) 688-6003 or send him a message using the form below.


Mike Beato

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