iPhone 6 sizing templates for printing

Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus today to great fanfare. If you're thinking of ordering one, the big question is: Which size do you want? Does the larger size make it too awkward to hold? Will it fit in my pants or shirt pocket? Will it fit in my car's coffee...

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How I set up a multi-line OS X text expansion

My preferred Mac OS X email application is currently Apple Mail. However, in the past year I’ve also used Postbox, Outlook, Airmail and Sparrow. All in my quest to find the perfect email app! Rather than add my email signature to each email application, I instead use...

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Apple Touch ID problems with chapped fingerprints

I bought my iPhone 5S when it was first available in late September 2013. I really like the phone, including the innovative Touch ID fingerprint sensor that I use in lieu of entering a passcode to unlock my screen. Touch ID had been pretty reliable during my first two...

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