Why I Completely Redesigned My Website

My old website had three major flaws: (1) the content was always old, (2) it had lousy SEO stats; (3) it poorly communicated my business capabilities. I fixed all three by switching from a custom website design to a total blogging platform.

How To Create a Sliding Timeline Graphic in a PowerPoint Presentation

Sometimes an image is too big for a single PowerPoint slide. Rather than shrink it down or just divide it up, here’s how to spread the image across multiple slides and smoothly animate its appearance. This is a very effective way to present graphic information in a timeline.

How to create a custom iPhone web page icon

Here’s how to create custom web page bookmark icons for your iPhone’s home screen. 1. Make your custom icon by creating a 114 x 114 pixel graphic image at 72 pixels/inch. Just make it a simple square — the iOS will round the corners and add a nice...

Steve Jobs must not be a runner

It’s well known that Steve Jobs loves music. If he were a runner, he’d no doubt listen to an iPod as he ran around Palo Alto. And if he wore an iPod, he’d certainly use his own company’s Apple-branded earphones. But Steve Jobs must not be a runner. Why do I say...