What four things do people always want to know about your location-based business?

  1. Where are you located? (are you close to me?)
  2. When are you open for business? (your hours)
  3. What do you do/sell?
  4. How do I contact you? (phone number/email address/website address)

A company’s website will (should) certainly have all these answers. But people are impatient! Their initial Google search should deliver these basic answers — before they even visit your wonderful website!

Location-based businesses are a perfect fit for the newly renamed Google Places — formerly known as Google’s Local Business Center. Any company that gets its customers from a specific geographic area should spend the time to create their own place on Google. Examples:

  • restaurant, coffee house, bar
  • barber shop, beauty salon
  • movie theater, dry cleaner
  • bank, ATM machine
  • grocery store, shopping mall, book store
  • gas station, auto repair, auto dealer
  • doctor, dentist, eye doctor, chiropractor, attorney, accountant, plumber
  • hospital, urgent care center
  • apartment, hotel
  • church
  • day care center
  • nursing home, assisted living facility
  • golf course, fitness center
  • school, community college, university
  • funeral home

Here’s an example:


Normal Google search result:


Google Places enhanced search result. Notice all the critical information available without clicking-through to their website.


Remember, Google Places does not replace your company’s website. It adds to it by delivering answers to these four critical questions — fast.