Before I choose a specific product or service, I usually go to Google for basic research. Here are my 7 favorite search techniques that help me make the right decision.

Finding Alternatives

If you currently use a particular product or service and you’re wondering if there’s another choice available, chances are someone else has wondered the same thing. Try adding the word alternative at the end of your search.



Better than

If you’re trying to find something better, start your search with: better than




Looking for a free alternative? Insert the keyword free.




To compare two specific products head to head use vs. between their names.



Recent Information

To make sure you’re looking at recent information, limit your search to a specific time period. In this example, I’m looking for an iphone vs. android comparison posted within the past month.



Product Reviews

If you’re looking for a product/service evaluation, the keyword review is very effective. Keep in mind there may be sponsored links at the top of your results, which may not be objective.



Get The Specs

Finally, whether you’re looking for a camera or a car, sometimes you just need facts and figures. I add the keyword specifications after the product name.



These are my “go to” Google search tips that help me make informed decisions on products and services. What are your own favorites?