Set-up-Touch-IDI bought my iPhone 5S when it was first available in late September 2013. I really like the phone, including the innovative Touch ID fingerprint sensor that I use in lieu of entering a passcode to unlock my screen.

Touch ID had been pretty reliable during my first two months of use. Lately, however, it hasn’t been working as well. After several days of frustrating “try again” messages, I finally figured out what was wrong. The weather here in Buffalo has recently turned cold and windy. And dry. Consequently, my hands are getting a bit chapped — including my memorized right thumb — which apparently looks like a different fingerprint to Touch ID!

The solution was simple. I deleted the stored fingerprint and then just added it again, this time for our very dry Buffalo winter season. Touch ID recognizes me again!

And when the conditions change again in the Spring, I’ll know exactly what to do!