I follow both Mark Knoller and Katie Couric, both with CBS News, on Twitter. Knoller really gets Twitter. Couric, not so much.

Here’s a perfect example. I just read tweets from both. For Couric’s, you need to notice the #twain hash tag and remember that Mark Twain has been in the news the last few days, then think about the “Don’t mess with the best” text. You’re forced to click on the link to figure out what she’s trying to say.


Too much work before you get the payoff.

Here’s Mark’s:


He starts with a little sarcasm (Spoiler Alert), then references the plan for Republicans to read the entire U.S. Constitution on the House floor today. And, in case you’re interested, he adds a link to the document’s text. You can digest the entire tweet in a few seconds — and then move on.

Conclusion: A link in a tweet should exist to reference additional information, not be the main source of the tweet’s content.

Thanks Mark!