Google can limit its search results to contain specific types of files. For example, if you’re writing a social media policy for your company, you might find it beneficial to see some examples. You could limit a Google search to Microsoft Word documents only. This is easy to do using Google’s filetype: keyword.

Here’s how: Type this in a Google search box (no space between the filetype and colon)

social media policy filetype:pdf  

Search results (partial):

Popular Google filetype search options with examples:

  • Excel: xls
    • home amortization filetype:xls
    • buy vs. lease filetype:xls
  • PowerPoint: ppt
    • global warming filetype:ppt
    • retirement planning filetype:ppt
  • Word: doc
    • business plan template filetype:doc
    • 5160 labels filetype:doc
    • award certificate filetype:doc
  • Acrobat: pdf
    • health care proxy filetype:pdf
    • 1099 -filetype:pdf   / In this example, the minus sign preceding filetype EXCLUDES pdf documents for this search
  • Image: jpg
    • us flag filetype:jpg