Let the timer begin.

From January 21 through the 28th, I’m changing my home page from Google search to Bing search.

Like many people, I’ve used Google as my main search engine for years. It works very, very well. It’s almost an extension of my thought process and memory retention. For example, I used to keep a collection of website authoring notes — things related to HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS — in a database for quick reference. But I stopped doing it because I determined that it’s just easier to “Google it” when I need the correct syntax for something like how to read a CSV file in PHP.

Bing first arrived on the search scene in May 2009.  I sampled it out of curiosity but quickly retreated back to the familiar Google. But Bing has continued to improve over the last eight months and hasn’t suffered from Microsoft’s heavy-handedness and clumsy interfaces.  I’m ready to try it again.

So I’ve decided to commit myself to a serious test. I’m going to use Bing exclusively (no Google) for one week for my searching, shopping, news and mapping needs. I’m also going to use the very capable Bing search app on my iPhone.

Is Bing better than Google for search? Check back in a week to see what I conclude.