I use Gmail as my primary email account because they have:

  • Lots of space available
  • Excellent spam filtering
  • Great message search
  • Good integration into my desktop and iPhone mail client applications
  • And, oh yes. It’s free.

But I don’t necessarily want to promote my actual Gmail address. It’s not because I don’t want people to know I’m using Gmail, but doing so would waste an opportunity to promote my beato.com domain “brand” when I send and receive messages. So I’ve set up several email addresses, all funneled to my Gmail account.

What about outgoing email messages? If I send a message from Gmail in my browser, how do I make the outgoing message NOT be tagged with my Gmail address but with my desired address? Here’s how:

Let’s say your desired email address is jay@blotny.com, which now forwards automatically to your jablotny@gmail.com account. And you want all outgoing mail from Gmail’s browser interface to show that comes from jay@blotny.com, not jablotny@gmail.com. First, click on Mail settings in Gmail’s “gear” menu.


Add your real email address

Click on Accounts and Import, then Send mail from another address — enter your name and the email address for outgoing mail.





The easiest choice is to Send through Gmail‘s outgoing SMTP servers:



Verification: This step is to make sure you actually own the email address you want to use. After you Send Verification, you will receive an email message with a confirmation code. Enter it to verify.





Once your new email address is verified you’ll want to (1) make it the default outgoing address and (2) Always reply from default address.


Compose new message

Now when you create a new outgoing message in Gmail, you’ll see a popup menu with choices of outgoing email addresses. Your non-Gmail address should be already selected since you specified it as your new default.



Don’t miss this simple opportunity to reinforce your domain brand by making this small change to your Gmail settings.