After upgrading to Microsoft Office 2016, I noticed that the printed gridlines on Excel worksheets are much thicker than in Office 2011 Excel. They looked awful!

02 Excel - pdf preview before

Improving the printing turned out to be a simple fix — once I figured out what to change. Here’s how:

Go into Excel > Preferences and then click the View option.

03 Preferences - view

The Gridlines color is set to Automatic. This is where you make the change.

04 Gridlines - auto

Click on the Gridlines popup menu and change the color from Automatic to a medium gray. Then close the Preferences window.

05 Preferences - grid gray

You won’t notice too much of a difference in Excel’s display window, but when you print the worksheet, its gridlines will be lighter and appear thinner. Much improved, in my opinion!

12/1/16 Update!

2016-11-30_15-20-46I have been getting “Not enough memory” error messages in Excel 2016 for Mac. I finally figured out that changing the sheet’s gridline color is what’s triggering this condition! I’m hoping Microsoft can (finally) fix this.