This is a classic “inbound” versus “outbound” marketing case study — on the same magazine cover:

The latest Newsweek (print) cover story asks the question: What’s so great about the iPad? Their answer: EVERYTHING.

On the back cover of this very issue is an ad for Amazon’s “#1 Bestselling Product” — the Amazon Kindle.

Which one is going to generate the most buzz in social media? It’s no contest. Apple’s iPad is a revolutionary product that will draw viewers and create demand unlike anything that can be done using traditional advertising.

What’s worse for Amazon is that they paid (presumably a lot) for the full-page back cover ad. Apple paid nothing for the glowing review and reactions inside the magazine.

Thousands of iPads are scheduled to be delivered this Saturday. And once people experience this innovative new device, the resulting social media buzz will kill the Kindle.

iPad vs. Amazon Kindle