In a previous post, I described how I use All My Files in Mac OS X (since Lion, OS X 10.7). I’ve discovered that for some reason, All My Files does not actually display ALL of my files. It shows .docx documents, but not .doc — .xlsx, but not .xls. I’ve come up with a more comprehensive alternative that works for me.

  • Go to your home folder in the Finder
  • Press Cmd-F to start a file search
  • Search your home folder for “Created date is with last 25 years” — That should pick up everything.
  • View > Arrange my Finder window by Date Modified
  • Click the Save button and give it a name. I’ve named mine All My Files* and positioned it at the top of my Finder Sidebar, essentially replacing the built-in All My Files option

This works great not only in the Finder, but also in standard Open dialog boxes when I’m looking for the last folders and documents I’ve worked on.