Alert Social Media, But Bad Follow-Up by Holiday Inn Arlington

My check-in at the Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston brought unwelcome news. Because of Hurricane Irene two weeks before, the hotel needed work on their electrical system the next day — with the power off in the hotel from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday! The hotel made no attempt to contact me before I showed up. They made it worse by fumbling the customer service follow up.

U.S. Postal Service Ridiculous Charges for Shipping Stamps

Buying first-class stamps through the website incurs an additional $1.00 for “shipping and handling” to deliver the stamps to your house! Instead of adding charges for delivery (ridiculous), the Postal Service should sell books of first-class stamps through their website with a $0.44 credit for delivery — the current rate of a single first-class stamp. The tag line could be: “Hey, we’re stopping at your house anyway… want us to drop off some stamps??”

Why I Completely Redesigned My Website

My old website had three major flaws: (1) the content was always old, (2) it had lousy SEO stats; (3) it poorly communicated my business capabilities. I fixed all three by switching from a custom website design to a total blogging platform.

Which is better… Free or Almost Free?

Research conducted by Dan Ariely (a Duke behavioral economist, previously at MIT) shows us that “free” is far more effective than “almost free.” Indeed, a preference for “free” seems to be another feature hardwired into our brains. The first experiment offered...