Today is October 7, the first day you can preorder the new Apple iPhone 4S. I called Verizon Wireless two days ago to ask about transferring my existing AT&T iPhone 3GS into my Verizon family plan: simply adding another line. The sales rep, Ruben, told me that Verizon was only taking upgrade orders on October 7.  I would have to wait until next Friday – October 14 – to order a new line. He said it was to give preference to existing customers (and put off new customers??). Ruben told me he’d call me on the morning of 10/14 to take my new order.

Of course, I didn’t believe him. Why would they NOT take a new order? Perhaps he makes more commission on upgrades? Just a thought.

Sure enough, this morning (10/7) I just completed my pre-order for a new iPhone on the Verizon Wireless website. And I’ll be sure to mention that to Ruben when he calls me back next week.

I hate it when they lie to me.