Did you ever send an email message, saying something like “Attached is the proposal we discussed,” only to discover that you forgot to actually attach the document? I thought so. It happened to me today — almost. I discovered this clever feature in Postbox, my current email client:

If you use a particular word in the body of an email message, Postbox will nudge you with a reminder to attach the file! Here are the default keywords:

attachment, attachments, attach, attached, attaching, enclosed, CV, cover letter, resume, .doc, .pdf

You can change this list in your preferences.

In this example, I mentioned that I attached a document to the message, but forgot to actually do so.

Postbox attachment reminder


There’s a preference to turn this feature on and off:

Postbox Attachment preference

The Attachment Reminder is another small reason why I’m back to using Postbox as my main email client, after reverting to Apple Mail for a while — and then trying Microsoft Outlook 2011, which turned out to be too slow, too buggy, and has no calendar sync!