Today Apple will announce the new iPhone 5S. I’ve been tracking the fluctuating resale value of my two-year old (Verizon) iPhone 4S 32GB for the past few weeks. I picked to track its value on the used market.

The price was holding steady at $195 until late August when it started to drop.

Today (9/10/13) it jumped up in anticipation of the official announcement.

iPhone 4s - 9/10/13

Resale value of Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Verizon)

Updated: 9/10/13


I originally paid $299 for it a little over two years ago.

9/27/13 Update: I sold my iPhone 4S to on September 27, 2013 for $165.

11/29/13 Update: Two months after selling my iPhone, the price on has dropped to $115.