Like many people I’ve stopped using my small pocket camera to take photos and switched (almost) totally to using my smartphone. Why? Smartphone photo quality is comparable to pocket cameras. But more important: my phone is always with me.

The one thing I do miss is a camera strap. Wrapping the strap around my wrist gave me a sense of protection for my camera. But now there’s a simple solution for your smartphone, too: the Ninja Loop and Petite Loop from

I’ve been evaluating the Ninja Loop for the last week. Here’s how it looks after I attached it to my Apple iPhone 6s case.


It’s a simple install: All you do is affix the strap to the inside of your case with the ribbon loop, wrapping it around the outside and then using the self-stick tape to attach to the case’s inside surface. Adjust the amount of “slack” by varying the position of the ribbon ends. It took just a bit of trial and error to get it the way I wanted.

Once you stick the loop on the case, you reinsert your phone. That’s it.


Now you slip a few fingers behind the loop as you grasp it for a secure fit. It works equally well with either hand.


Here are my impressions after using the Ninja Loop for a week:

  • The Ninja Loop is simple and easy to install. Just stick it on the inside of the phone’s case.
  • Inexpensive: only $4.95.
  • Works on all smartphone case sizes.
  • Comes in lots of colors.
  • It’s good for one-handed use.
  • Easier to thumb-type with one hand.
  • Good for one-handed shooting of selfie photos.
  • Great when exercising. Provides more security when you carry your phone while running or doing other activities.
  • Surprising use: Looking at your phone while laying down. You won’t accidentally drop the phone on your face if you doze off!
  • It’s a bit safer when you let your child play with your phone. Of course, they have to stick their hand underneath the loop.
  • The ribbon strap seems flimsy, even though I don’t think it is. It just feels that way because it’s so thin.
  • Doesn’t look good on transparent cases. You see the adhesive backing through the case.
  • Gets in the way of magnetic smartphone mounts.
  • If you’re a DIY-type, it would be easy enough to make one of these yourself.

Bottom Line: If you want a bit of added protection against dropping your smartphone and are looking for easier one-handed use, the Ninja Loop is a winner. It’s a cheap and simple solution that works.