Website Design & Development


Website Design

Beato Enterprises specializes in creating clean, fast-loading, responsive websites. We start by helping you figure out your overall objectives. This is the most important part! Then we create a wireframe design to show you how it will all work. Next is the design and development phase, followed by a focus on SEO and analytics. The result? A website that meets your needs, on time – and on budget.

Website Development

Some clients are already working with a graphic designer and need help with the development. This is sometimes called programming for a website. Beato Enterprises can work with your designer to build an efficient website that’s true to all your interface and design objectives.

Landing Pages

If you are targeting a specific product, service or topic – a unique landing page may be the way to go. Beato Enterprises can help you create the perfect one-off page that meets your unique requirements.

HTML Email Programming

Richly designed email blasts require careful HTML programming to render the look you need with the countless variations of email applications used today. Beato Enterprises can take your design and make an efficient email that you send through a service such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Just Tell One
UB Foundation
Storygrowing WNY
Website: Silicon Carbide Products
Silicon Carbide Products
Website: Elderwood Careers
Elderwood Careers
Website: Family Systems Theory
The Center for Family Systems Theory of WNY
Landing Page: LOL
Landing Page: Loving Outdoor Living
Social Media Memes
Social Media Memes
Email Blasts
HTML Email Blast Coding
Wireframe: GPPC
Wireframe Design: General Physician PC

Photography and Photo Retouching

Slides – Events
Events Album
Slides – Nature
Nature Album
Slides – People
People Album
Slides – Misc
Miscellaneous Album
Photo Editing – Dave Lundy as Harry Truman
Change Background
Photo Retouching – object removal
Remove objects
Photo Retouching – Eamon Grennan
Remove objects
Bridal retouching
Photo Retouching
Restore old photograph
Photo Restoration
  • Website:

  • UB Foundation website

  • Storygrowing WNY website

  • Website: Silicon Carbide Products

  • Website: Elderwood Careers

  • Website: The Center for Family Systems Theory of Western New York, Inc.

  • Landing Page: Loving Outdoor Living

  • Wireframe: General Physician PC

  • Photography and photo editing

  • Photo retouching: remove chairs, people and cars.

  • Photo retouching: remove objects

  • Bridal retouching

  • Restore old photograph