Stop counting and rolling your change. It’s a waste of time.

I use Coinstar® kiosks to count my spare change. Easy. Fast. And FREE — if you choose an eGift Card option (see list below). If you really want folding money, you’ll pay a hefty 10% service charge.

Years ago I used to count, stack and roll coins into those silly paper tubes. I purchased plastic counting tubes and empty coin wrappers. Paying money to (slowly) count money! That just didn’t make sense to me.

Here’s my routine now. I pay cash for most small retail purchases — then collect my change in a coffee can at home. When the can is full I bring it to a nearby Coinstar kiosk. They’re located inside many grocery stores (find a location near you). If you’ve seen or used a Redbox DVD rental kiosk, you may find a Coinstar machine right next to it. They’re actually both brands of the same company: Outerwall.

Coinstar-rejected-coin-returnThe process is simple and quick. You answer a few questions on the kiosk’s touch screen and then dump your coins into the hopper. The coins slide into the machine where it quickly sorts and tallies them. When your coins have all been counted, the machine prints your selected eGift Card receipt.

Don’t forget to check the ‘rejected’ coin return. The machine is smart enough to spit out Canadian and other non-U.S. minted coins.

My last trip turned a coffee can of coins into a $179 dollar Amazon gift card payday. Nice!

No Fee eGift Cards Available:
AMC Theatres
Bass Pro Shops
Best Buy
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Cold Stone Creamery
Forever 21
Gap Options
Home Depot
Red Robin
Sports Authority
Southwest Airlines
Toys R Us®