It’s well known that Steve Jobs loves music. If he were a runner, he’d no doubt listen to an iPod as he ran around Palo Alto. And if he wore an iPod, he’d certainly use his own company’s Apple-branded earphones.

But Steve Jobs must not be a runner. Why do I say that? Because the Apple-branded earphones are dreadful — especially for runners.

They sound okay, but they’re extremely uncomfortable to wear and they don’t stay in your (at least my) ears! When you perspire, you are constantly pushing them back into your ears due to their terrible “user interface.”

If Steve went out to run wearing his own company’s earphones, he’d take them off and throw them in the garbage. With great velocity!

Yurbuds should be your buds

I used to wish Apple would design earphones with as much thought and consideration as all their other fantastic products, save (all) their mouse designs.

But now, after trying countless third-party earphones, I’ve finally found the one product that actually works: comfort plus perfect fit — they don’t fall out no matter how much you run and perspire! Period.

They’re called Yurbuds: simple soft rubber add-ons for your Apple (or other) earphones.

Yurbuds are comfortable and they stay in your ears.

Trust me on this one. I’m a runner.