I’ve always been a big supporter of the U.S. Postal Service. I know they are the butt of countless jokes, but I think it’s remarkable that they can deliver over 400 billion of pieces of mail every single day with such a high degree of accuracy. No kidding.

But this had me scratching my head.

I ordered three books of first-class stamps through the USPS.com website. That’s 20 stamps x 3 x $0.44 = $26.40. But wait… then they charged me an additional $1.00 for “shipping and handling” to deliver the stamps to my house!

My mail carrier comes to my house six days a week. He doesn’t make a special trip like the UPS and FEDEX drivers. I can’t remember ever — even as overall postal volume drops year after year — that my carrier has skipped past my house with nothing to deliver.

Shouldn’t the Postal Service be encouraging first class mail use?? Isn’t it much more profitable than bulk delivery classes?

I have a simple sales and marketing suggestion. Instead of adding charges for delivery (ridiculous), the Postal Service should sell books of first-class stamps through their website with a $0.44 credit for delivery — the current rate of a single first-class stamp. The tag line could be:

“Hey, we’re stopping at your house anyway… want us to drop off some stamps??”