You may think it’s easy to set up a Gmail account on your iPhone — and it is. However, if you’re like me and you use a personalized email address that’s forwarded to a Gmail account, there’s one little twist that’s counterintuitive — which I’ll explain below.

Here’s the scenario: Let’s say you’ve already set up this email forwarding:

Configuring your iPhone

Go into your Settings and click on Mail, Contact, Calendars



Choose Add Account…



Here’s the counterintuitive part: It would seem like you should pick Gmail here…. but there’s a better way! Selecting Other will give you the opportunity to enter your own domain’s email address for outgoing mail rather than your Gmail address.



Now select Add Mail Account




1. Your full name, ie Jay Blotny
2. Desired real email address: Remember, this does not have to be your Gmail address!
3. Password
4. Any description



Continue with the new account setup

1. IMAP is best.

2. ID section:
Name: Enter your full name… Jay Blotny
Address: This is where you put your desired email address.
Description: Whatever you like

3. Incoming Mail Server:
Host Name:
User Name: (your Gmail address)
Password: yourpassword

4. Outgoing Mail Server:
Host Name:
User Name: (your Gmail address)
Password: yourpassword

5. Then click Next … That’s it!



Your incoming and outgoing Gmail messages should now work smoothly — and your outgoing messages will be identified with your custom email address. And this will continue to build your brand identity!