You may have heard the news recently that your iPhone actually records where the phone has been — without asking your permission first. You can view this unsecured data by simply downloading a free software application for your Mac or PC. The app looks at your iPhone’s last synchronized backup files on the hard drive and overlays the coordinates on a map. You don’t even need your iPhone!

Here’s the link for the software:

I was curious to find out where my iPhone thinks I’ve been. The software produced some interesting results, but not with perfect accuracy.

Since June 16, 2010, my iPhone has recorded frequent travels within the Northeast U.S. and an overseas trip I made to Greece. But for some reason, it hasn’t shown any information about other trips to places like Chicago, San Diego and Rome, Italy. I’m not sure why not.


This map shows several road trips from Buffalo, NY to Washington — using a couple different driving routes (I’m still looking for the perfect way to get there). A trip to New York City was also recorded, but since I flew direct from Buffalo, there were no “breadcrumbs” along the route. I wonder what would have happened if I forgot and left my iPhone turned on while on the plane?


And finally, here’s a zoomed-in view of my trip to Thessaloniki, Greece back in September 2010. Very interesting!