I was a Quicken user for many years, then switched to iBank when Quicken for Mac was essentially abandoned. iBank worked okay for me for several years, although I always had issues with its performance (sluggish), user interface (not customizable enough), and feature set (stagnant). Despite its shortcomings, I still decided to pay $29.99 for the version 5 upgrade on December 3, 2013.

At the end of 2013, as I was working on some end-of-year entries, iBank suddenly couldn’t open the data file which contained my business accounting for the last 20+ years! I was able to restore a backup from about a week before and reconstruct where I left off. But it troubled me greatly — I lost confidence in iBank’s data integrity. There’s really nothing more important.

SEE FinanceAfter investigating several other Mac finance applications, I experimented with a trial version of SEE Finance. The application quickly converted all my personal and business data from iBank’s exported QIF files. The transfer was very accurate with the exception of a few reconciliation checkmarks. Those were easy to fix manually.

I’ve been running SEE Finance in parallel with iBank for about a week. The new application was very easy to use and accurate. I had a couple of questions about reconciling my accounts. I received prompt email replies from their customer support.

A week was more than enough time to convince me that SEE Finance is the way for me to go for both my personal and business accounting needs beginning January 2014. It’s a bargain at $29.99.