Do you own a domain name? If so, you may receive a direct mail piece from a company called Domain Registry. It comes in an official-looking envelope that screams:

Renewal Information Enclosed – OPEN IMMEDIATELY

Don’t panic: it’s junk mail.

It looks like an invoice, but if you read the copy, it confesses: “This notice is not a bill.” In other words, it’s a scam. Their objective is to get you to switch from your current domain registry company to theirs… but they do it deceptively.

And to make matters even more insulting, their prices are outrageously high, up to 5x more than you need to pay. For example:

Registrar CompanyAnnual price per .com domain
Domain Registry$50

One more data point: They’ve received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.


My Recommendation

If you receive one of these letters from Domain Registry, do what I tell my clients to do: shred it.