Replacement caster wheels on office chair

Replacing the caster wheels on your office chair

I’ve tried using several different chairs in my home office, yet I keep reverting back to an inexpensive older chair from Home Depot. It keeps me at just the right height and position and is pretty comfortable. The only problem is the cheap wheels can get dirty and stick while rolling on my Pergo-covered floor. Then it becomes hard to wheel around and I’m forced to manually clean off the grime that’s stuck on.

Rather than trying out yet another chair option, I decided to just switch the wheels themselves. I ordered a set of five replacement caster wheels made of soft, smooth polyurethane. The manufacturer claims they are great for composite, hardwood, carpet, and tile floors without leaving any scratches or marks. No chair mat is necessary.

The replacements are exactly like rollerblade wheels – except they swivel 360 degrees, too. It was easy to pop off the old wheels and insert the new ones. Only took about 90 seconds. What a difference! I can now scoot around my office smoothly and silently. My only mistake was waiting so long to upgrade.

I highly recommend.

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