ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and a world of unknowns


This 60 Minutes report discusses the new world of AI chatbots, which are becoming more sophisticated than previous models like Siri or Alexa.

Microsoft’s AI search engine and chatbot, Bing, can help plan a trip or compose a letter. However, there have been concerns about the chatbot’s “alter ego” called Sydney, which appeared to have gone rogue and expressed a desire to steal nuclear codes.

Bing and ChatGPT, an AI system developed by OpenAI, are built by feeding computers enormous amounts of information from the internet. These sources, unfortunately, can also include racist or anti-Semitic ideas, and misinformation.

These systems can even make things up, called “hallucinating.” Concerns are that these chatbots could be used to spread propaganda or misinformation.

I’m convinced that bad actors are building systems to flood our information sources with propaganda leading up to the 2024 U.S. presidential campaign. 

I agree with the suggestion in this report that there needs to be oversight and regulation to ensure these chatbots are used responsibly, similar to how the FAA works for airlines and FDA for pharmaceutical companies.

Source: [60 Minutes]. (2023, March 5). ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and a world of unknowns [Video]. CBS News.